Supporting the Demand for Longer-Lasting Pavements: Reduced Tracking Tack Coat Additive

Whether you are working on a brand new paving project or applying new layers to existing pavement, it is vital that the layers are fused together accordingly. This makes the pavement act as one layer where the stress and strain from traffic can be distributed evenly.

When using tack bonds to perform these projects, conventional tack (bond) coats take time to cure and when they do, they often track from the pavement where they are supposed to be onto other surfaces. To support the demand for longer-lasting pavements and better paving products, ULTRAPAVE has developed additives that prolong the life of highways. When added either to an anionic or cationic emulsion, that has been optimized for fast breaking and quick cure, our additives will provide a reduced tracking tack (bond) coat.


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