Preventing the stripping of asphalt binder from the surface of aggregates is extremely important in extending pavement life. Many millions of dollars in maintenance work can be saved each year. Existing systems employing lime and liquid asphalt dilutants have been in use for many years.

ULTRAPAVE® now introduces an attractive alternative system which has shown excellent results in both laboratory and field trials. The key benefits to be realized by using the Polymeric System are:

  • Pre-Coating of Aggregate
  • Effective Antistrip Agent
  • Simple Application Method
  • Safe Handling and Disposal
  • No odor problems
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Portable Application system for any size job


Chip Seal

In Chip Seal applications Ultracote® is used as a pre-treatment system for aggregate. It improves asphalt adhesion, reduces airborne particles, and extends the life of the road.

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