Corporate Overview

ULTRAPAVE®‘s research laboratory specializes in Asphalt Cement Modification, Asphalt Emulsion Modification (SBR and Natural Rubber Latexes), as well as novel technology in Aggregate Treatments and Reduced Tracking Tack Coats. As a polymer technology company, ULTRAPAVE® is committed to leading the industry through aggressive product development and excellent technical service. With many years of experience, the resources of ULTRAPAVE® are postured to service the needs of the modified asphalt industry well into the 21st Century.

Asphalt Cement Modification:

Performance data from various Department of Transportation Performance Maintenance Information Systems (PMIS), prove that SBR modified asphalt cements increase road service life of up to 58% over unmodified asphalt cements.


ULTRAPAVE® SBR Modifiers Offer:

  • The most performance related history (35+ years)
  • Significant improvement in low temperature flexibility and high temperature stiffness
  • Improved elasticity and tensile strength
  • Outstanding adhesion and cohesion properties

The above features offer the best method of improving binders for highway, street, and airport paving and maintenance projects. In addition, applications in the private sector (truck stop parking areas, highway rest areas and mall parking lots) have shown superior performance and extended service life.

ULTRAPAVE® SBR Polymers are cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use. They can be added at the terminal, refinery, or at the asphalt plant through batch or drum mixers.

Contact your ULTRAPAVE® Representative for specific information on your applications.

Asphalt Emulsion Modification:

Pavement Preservation Bituminous Treatments like Chip Seal, Scrub Seals, Micro surfacing and Slurry Seal applications are addressed with SBR Polymers to offer significant improvement in chip retention, resistance to short and long term aging, and increased elasticity.

Focus continues on improved performance and reduced cost.

Please review our ULTRAPAVE® SBR Brochure for additional information or

Contact your ULTRAPAVE® Representative for specific information on your applications.

Aggregate Treatments:

Enhanced hot mix asphalt performance and environmental concerns are some of the driving factors that moved ULTRAPAVE® to develop the ULTRACOTE® polymeric aggregate treatment system.

Since 1993, ULTRACOTE® polymeric aggregate coating has:

  • Improved road performance and service life
  • Prevented moisture damage to hot mix asphalt
  • Continues to be Environmentally friendly


Reduced Tracking Tack (Bond) Coat:

It is vital that when new hot mix asphalt pavements are placed on an existing pavement or new construction that the layers of pavement being placed are bonded together using a tack (bond) coat to allow the layers to act as a single layer. For the tack (bond) coat to function it is important that the proper amount be applied and that it stays in place to perform its function. Conventional Tack (Bond) Coats are slow to cure and will track on tires of vehicles and paving equipment, then track to other pavements. ULTRAPAVE saw the need to develop a Reduced Tracking Tack (Bond) Coat Additive that, when added to either a cationic or anionic emulsion that has been optimized to break fast and cure quickly, will aid in providing a Reduced Tracking Tack (Bond) Coat. Using the optimized Reduced Tracking Tack (Bond) coat will expedite construction and reduce downtime due to cleanup.


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