ULTRAPAVE® specializes in Asphalt Cement Modification, Asphalt Emulsion Modification, as well as novel technology in Aggregate Treatments and Reduced Tracking Tack Coats.



Since 1981, ULTRAPAVE® has been leading the way in developing and manufacturing high-performance asphalt additives for highways, streets, airports and parking lots. As the demand for longer-lasting pavements has increased, ULTRAPAVE® has responded by engineering special additives that prolong the life of highway pavements, thus becoming a critical cost-effective tool in developing safer, longer lasting roadways.

Our goal is to develop the finest, most consistent polymer additives for trouble-free and long-term road performance. We work closely with all customers to match our products to their need and applications. We continue to be committed to providing superior service along with product innovations.


Working closely with various federal and state agencies, ULTRAPAVE® has developed a comprehensive line-up of additives that perform in a wide range of environments.

ULTRAPAVE’s SBR polymers improve asphalt materials by increasing their resistance to high-temperature flow (rutting and bleeding), low-temperature cracking, and load-related fatigue. These polymers minimize the effects of aging, and reduce stripping and raveling, resulting in longer lasting and safer highways with lower maintenance cost. Review our ULTRAPAVE® SBR Latex brochure for additional information.


As a polymer technology company, we employ many chemists and formulators that are available for recipe development. They have access to a full SHRP research grade binder laboratory. They have many years of experience and access to the extensive ULTRAPAVE® compounding proprietary recipe database. Each is responsible for developing and improving asphalt recipes for our customers.

Looking to the future and building on our success with road surfaces, Ultrapave is currently involved in and offering new products for the paving industry along with water-proofing of building foundations as well as roofing applications

A premier product is ULTRACOTE®, ULTRAPAVE®‘s Aggregate Treatments to Enhance Hot Mix. Asphalt performance and environmental concerns are some of the reasons ULTRAPAVE® developed the polymeric aggregate treatment system. Since the spring of 1993, ULTRACOTE® has been used as a polymeric coating to aggregate to ensure better asphalt to stone adhesion. You can read more about Ultracote (UP-5000) in the detailed report about our POLYMERIC AGGREGATE TREATMENT SYSTEM. Also included in the report are specifications and field application instructions for Contracting Agency use and Laboratory Procedures.

A newly developed premier product is ULTRAPAVE®‘s REDUCED TRACKING TACK COAT ADDITIVE. When added to an emulsion that has been optimized for fast break and quick cures, it will aid in providing a Reduced Tracking Tack (Bond) Coat.